Leaf Mulch Lady

a Florida organic tree and plant nursery

our beautiful leaf mulch lady baby fruit and flowering trees

here are our beautiful baby trees, some grown from cuttings and some from seed. our Royal Poinciana has been grown from seed in a bed of organic leaf mulch and Florida sand, two ingredients for a wonderful nutritious start.  And our Florida avocado has been raised in much the same way. Our trees are pampered and loved, and you will enjoy and delight in our healthy organically grown trees for many years to come.

our beautiful leaf mulch lady fragrant and flowering plants

here we have some of the world's most beautifully scented plants. because South Florida is Zone 10, we are privileged to present plants that have been known for centuries to contain some of the world's most beautiful fragrances. plants such as these will surely elevate the beauty and enjoyment of your home.

our leaf mulch lady medicinal plants and herbs

here are plants and herbs known throughout the centuries for their healing and medicinal properties